Avenged Sevenfold Live Stream Rocks The 2016 Election!

As most Avenged Sevenfold fans know, the band just streamed a four song set live from the top of Capitol Records for us to enjoy. The flood of fans fighting to view the streaming event ended up creating an inadvertent denial-of-service attack which crashed the avengedsevenfold.com domain at 8 pm PDT, proving the bands following is still foREVer strong! The set went as follows: “Nightmare”, “The Stage”, “Planets”, and ended with “Acid Rain.” Although the performance was a welcome christen for The Stage and fans alike, the track list also reflects the United States presidential race, and how it bodes for the rest of the world. The set list is a calculated statement; The unbelievable bad is happening (“Nightmare”), politicians that are making decisions for the masses dictate our lives, and  are ultimately controlled solely by their personal virtue, not civil service as proved through history (“The Stage”), the shit hit the fan and we’re likely done for (“Planets”), and wasn’t the journey here beautiful because of how tragic the end may become (“Acid Rain”). The performance was captivating, and embodied the pulse of the American political crisis we claim is a presidential election of 2016. Beautiful work gentleman and we can’t wait to add some tracks from The Stage to our library.

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